Dollar General Management Careers

Types Of Management Careers Available At Dollar General


There are five levels of management at Dollar General all the way up to that of a Regional Director, with varying requirements for training and experience at each level. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the thought of working your way up, it is quite possible that you will have the opportunity to do so. It is important to remain calm and focused on the position that you are immediately interested in and wait for opportunities that suit to you come along.

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Here is a brief summary each of the different management roles individually, and the training that each requires:

Trainee: A store manager in training position comes with a minimum requirement of one year in a retail environment. As a store manager in training you will be tasked with learning how the store operates from top to bottom. You will learn how to operate a store on a day to day basis with limited supervision. You might find the store manager looks to you to help work through situations that may arise. You must be able to operate a cash register, perform basic math functions, speak clearly and professionally, be a strong leader for your staff, and be familiar with inventory and merchandising procedures.

Store Managers: A store manager may require additional training such as a Dollar General training program. You may be required to attend a one week training program to aid in preparing you for your new career. As store manager you may be tasked with performing the day to day operations of the retail location. Additionally, you may be responsible for handling cash, inventory, safety, and employee concerns. You must be able to do basic math functions easily, keep inventory and merchandising practices in place, motivate employees, handle hiring and termination procedures, and oversee the entire store.

District Managers: A district manager often has many of the same responsibilities as a retail location however with the added concept of multiple stores to sort through. District managers are tasked with ensuring that the retail location is operating correctly, that managers are being effective, goals are being met, and that multiple stores are competitive against other districts. The district manager role requires managers to be effective at monitoring and managing 10-20 stores at any given time. District managers must be confident, excellent communicators, and customer service oriented. It is helpful if district managers are bilingual, and have at least four years of prior retail experience.

Regional Director: A regional director operates similar to a district manager only with greater responsibility and qualifications. As a regional director you may find yourself tasked with establishing a group of district managers that can effectively operate a variety of stores. These managers must work together to meet established goals set by the company. It is the responsibility of the regional director to ensure that this happens. Customer service, as always in retail, is a vital component to this position, so candidates for the regional director position should strive to keep an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

Distribution Center: Supervisory and management positions at the distribution center level may be available. To determine what positions are available, be sure to begin by completing a Dollar General application. These positions may include supervising warehouse, receiving and shipping employees, administrative, and more. Supervisors and managers in these roles must strive for the same commitment to customer service as store level managers. Often there will be tiers to management at the distribution center level as well. It is important that should you have any questions, that you contact the distribution center you are interested in working at.