Available Jobs At Dollar General

Types Of Jobs AvailableĀ At Dollar General

Dollar General as a company operates several areas of sales and service. The two main categories are retail locations and distribution centers. Additional opportunities may be available at corporate level. Most Dollar General stores will offer part and full time, as well as hourly and salaried positions. You may also find an exciting, diverse work environment. Dollar General does not discriminate against employees and even prefers a dynamic mixture of people to serve their customers. Offering challenges everyday and rewarding employees with excellent benefits and opportunities are but a couple of reasons why Dollar General is a wonderful place to work.

Dollar General caters to a diverse customer base meaning that associates must display and honest liking for customer service and excellence. Many positions at retail stores can lead to advancement with the right training and experience. Dollar General is geared toward the success of the company and the employee. What are you waiting for? Fill out a Dollar General application today!

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The primary Dollar General facilities and basic jobs are:

Dollar General Stores: Like most retail stores, Dollar General offers departments and services. Stores offer job opportunities such as stockers, receiving clerks, cashiers, varying levels of management, inventory associates, and more. Store associates are often hired for one or more departments in the retail location or may be considered floaters who work across the store. Many store associates are trained to cover other positions in the store should someone be sick, or should the store be extremely busy such as during holiday season. These positions may include cashiering, stocking merchandise, and helping customers throughout the store. Store associate positions are the heart of Dollar General stores, and require the ultimate in customer service and flexibility.

Distribution Centers: Distribution centers are the hub of Dollar General. Without these important components, retail locations would not function as they do. It is important for distribution centers to be properly staffed and ready to meet the challenge. Almost all of the merchandise found on a Dollar General store shelf has passed through one of the distribution centers which illustrates the importance of these locations. Distribution opportunities may include clerical functions, receiving, shipping, and materials handling. There are also supervisory and management positions available at these locations.

Corporate Careers: Corporate careers with Dollar General offer an even more diverse work opportunity for employees. Located in Goodlettsville Tennessee, the Corporate office of Dollar General is considered the Store Support Center. For opportunities in challenging and fast paced environments, the corporate office is right for you. These positions may require additional training and education than store level positions, so it is important that you read and understand the job requirements. Corporate positions may include finance, legal, marketing, human resources, information technology, store development, and more. Many store level positions, when married to the right education and experience, can advance to this level and beyond.

Military: Dollar General proudly supports the U.S. military. As an active or reserve service member, a veteran, or a family member, you may find that Dollar General is a great place for you! Military recruiting services are offered through Dollar General to give you the tools you need to transition to civilian life, or to get some additional experience or income. Dollar General offers service members a chance to expand their civilian horizons and offers them a chance to use their knowledge and skills in a great, impactful way. If you are interested in military positions or the recruiting process, check out the website at dollargeneral.com, navigate to careers, and then click on Military. It’s that easy to get started.